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Managing Summer with Your Cane Corso: Tips for the Heat

infographics on Summer Tips for your cane corso dog care

Introduction to Summer Heat and Dogs

infographics on Summer Tips for your cane corso dog care

Summer is a time of year that can bring high temperatures, and even our four-legged friends, such as the Italian Cane Corso, can suffer during the hot season. It is important to pay special attention to the well-being of our pets to ensure that they are safe and comfortable. In this article, we will delve into some tips on how to properly handle the summer heat and protect your Italian Cane Corso.

Notes on the Italian Cane Corso and the Heat

The Italian Cane Corso is a large dog breed native to Italy and known for its strength and loyalty. However, just like other dog breeds, the Cane Corso can suffer during the warmer months due to high temperatures. Therefore, it is crucial to know the signs of suffering caused by heat and take preventive measures to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety.

Signs of Suffering Caused by Heat

Some signs denoting heat-related suffering for the dog:

  1. troubled or rapid breathing;
  2. excessive salivation;
  3. lethargy or weakness;
  4. vomiting or diarrhea;
  5. collapse or convulsions.

If your Cane Corso shows one or more of these symptoms, it is important to take immediate action to help him cool down and consult a veterinarian if necessary.

Tips for Protecting Your Cane Corso from the Summer Heat

Avoiding the Warmest Hours of the Day

During the summer, it is advisable to avoid taking your Cane Corso outside during the hottest hours of the day (generally between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.). Opt for morning or evening walks when temperatures are cooler.

Providing Shade and Fresh Water

Make sure your Cane Corso always has access to a shaded area and fresh water for drinking. Check the water level regularly and replenish it if necessary. Pay attention that the water source is not placed in a sun-beaten spot.

Use a Dog Pool or Cooling Mat

To help your Cane Corso cool down, you can use an inflatable dog pool or cooling mat. These products help reduce your dog’s body temperature and offer relief from the heat.

Pay Attention to Hot Floors

Hot floors, such as asphalt and concrete, can be harmful to your Cane Corso’s paws. Try to walk on grass or other cooler surfaces and, if possible, use protective boots to avoid paw burns.

Never Leave Your Dog in a Car

Never leave your Cane Corso in a car during the summer months, even for a few minutes. Temperatures inside a car can rise rapidly and become fatal to your pet.

Adapting Physical Exercise

During the warmer months, you may need to adjust your Cane Corso’s exercise to avoid heat overload. Opt for shorter, less intense activities and pay attention to your dog’s signs of distress.

A Nice Fresh Bath

In case you have a garden, terrace or, at any rate, a space suitable for the purpose, you can opt for another nice and refreshing solution, which will help your four-legged friend find refreshment: give him a nice bath, or shower! You’ll help him lower his body temperature, perhaps while watering plants and flowers. It will also be an opportunity to play with him.

Consult the Veterinarian

If you have concerns about your Cane Corso’s health during the summer or if you notice symptoms of distress caused by the heat, do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian. They will be able to provide you with advice and assistance to ensure your pet’s well-being.


Paying attention to your Italian Cane Corso’s comfort and safety during the summer months is crucial to ensuring their well-being. By following these tips, you can help your four-legged friend stay cool and happy during the hot season. Always remember to consult your veterinarian if you have concerns or if your dog shows signs of distress due to the heat.

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